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A practical book with examples and check-lists to help researchers using Field Methods ISBN: 978-1-908272-77-5 Published by Academic Publishing International January 2013
By Dan Remenyi ISBN: 978-1-912764-89-1
By Dan Remenyi
A practical guide to statistics for researchers. ISBN 9781910810163 Published in 2015
This book highlights where the challenges are and what needs to be done to become a competent case study researcher.Published by Academic Publishing International ISBN: 978-1-909507-17-3 Published April 2013
A practical guide to obtaining approval for your academic research ISBN:978-1-906638-99-3 Published by Academic Publishing International June 2011
By Dan Remenyi and Richard L. Wilson ISBN: 978-1-911218-87-6
The detail of the research practice described or prescribed by Grounded Theory throws much light on qualitative research thinking. ISBN: 978-1-909507-54-8 Softback PRINT version 90-6 Published September 2013
Edited by Dan Remenyi 978-1-914587-35-1
Edited by Dan Remenyi
Edited by Dan Remenyi
Guide for doctoral and other postgraduate supervisors and their students ISBN: 0-9547096-0-8 Published by Academic Publishing International - 2nd Edition
The papers in this book come from eight countries and they highlight important issues, Practices and Perspectives in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship. ISBN:978-1-910309-58-2 Published September 2014
This book contains the information you need to write up a research dissertation or thesis and how to go about producing this work in a controlled and satisfying way. ISBN: 978-1-908272-28-7 Published January 2013