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<!--103-->Field Methods for Academic Research 3rd Edition

Field Methods for Academic Research 3rd Edition


A practical book with examples and check-lists to help researchers using Field Methods ISBN: 978-1-908272-77-5 Published by Academic Publishing International January 2013

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Published by Academic Publishing International This book is also available in ePUB format. Click here to purchase the ePUB version

The new edition includes chapters on data management, data saturation and more.

Interviews, focus groups and questionnaires are everyday tools of the academic researcher in business and management studies. Most research degrees and many academic peer reviewed journal papers have employed one or more of these techniques. Ironically the knowledge and skills required to use these tools are not often well taught and the books available on these topics can be daunting.

This highly accessible book addresses these three field methods and explains how they may be employed to good effect. The book also provides examples or research protocols, letters and checklists which are of direct use to researchers using these methods.


Field Methods for Academic Research provides an accessible reference guide for those, like me, who need to be introduced to these practices in a jargon-free way. Robert Pulley

Great job and indeed a very original book. You have got what it takes to reflect both your academic and life experiences that assist many new researchers like myself. George Simataa


Author: Dan Remenyi

ISBN: 978-1-908272-77-5

222 Pages

Published January 2013