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Branded Dangerous: AI-Chatbots PDF VERSION

Branded Dangerous: AI-Chatbots PDF VERSION


by Dan Remenyi

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Publication date: Late July 2023

This book explores the Good News and Bad News of AI-Chatbots

Some commentators argue that AI-Chatbots are the most important developments we have seen in decades. It is said that AI-Chatbots are marvellous developments which have the potential to improve lives in countless ways. In addition, it is being said that already AI-Chatbots are showing the “spark” of Artificial General Intelligence. 

Other commentators say that in this age of misinformation, exaggerations, fake news, and deep fake videos, AI-Chatbots and their companion programs which create images etc., may simply become invitations for greater levels of fake data distribution, confusion, political manipulation, and even crime.  It is argued that there is a grave danger that AI-Chatbots can be seen as hi-octane fuel for plagiarisers, scammers, and other criminal elements in society. 

There is little doubt that there is a risk of a dangerous situation materialising.