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7th e-Learning Excellence Awards 2021:  An Anthology of Case Histories

7th e-Learning Excellence Awards 2021: An Anthology of Case Histories


Edited by Dan Remenyi

:  at  £19.00  each

e-Learning and indeed blended learning are now established integral ways in which education and training are managed and delivered across all levels of education and in the workplace. The International e-Learning Excellence Awards provides an opportunity for individuals and groups to consider new and innovative ways of using this method of learning.

The response this year to the seventh international e-Learning Excellence Awards has reflected the continuing innovation being practised in many parts of the world. With 30 initial submissions from 12 countries, 20 competitors were invited to send in a full case history describing their initiative. The range of subjects written about in the case histories has certainly been extensive and the panel of expert judges had their job cut out for them to find the most interesting case histories and short list them to the finalists published in this anthology.

10 authors or groups of authors have been invited to present their work in the final rounds of this competition at the 2021 Virtual European Conference on e-Learning, supported by the University of Applied Sciences HTW Berlin, Germany and as finalists nine initiatives have been published in this book of case histories. The topics to be addressed are listed in the Contents page of this book.

I would like to thank all the contributors to the book for the excellent work which has been done towards developing new and interesting ways of applying e-Learning. And of course, it is also important to thank the individuals who constituted our panel of expert judges.