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University of the Future: Responding to COVID-19

University of the Future: Responding to COVID-19


Edited by Dan Remenyi, Kenneth Grant and Shawren Singh

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Covid-19 is changing many aspects of society and one of the most affected is education. Universities are rapidly moving to online programmes but it is not clear that this is the answer to the problem.  A new book The University of the Future: Responding to Covid-19 addresses the extreme crisis which universities currently face. For some years universities have been under pressure to modify their approach to teaching and research, Covid-19 is triggering profound changes in how universities function. This will involve much more than online teaching.   

With contributions from Vice-Chancellors, academics, and consultants, this book comprises the views of 32 authors from 17 countries and outlines some of the key issues which need to be urgently addressed. 



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