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ECISM 2016 Proceedings

ECISM 2016 Proceedings


10th European Conference on Information Systems Management

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Print version ISSN: 2048-8912

Print version ISBN: 978-1-911218-05-0

The 10th European Conference on Information Systems Management is being held at The University of Evora, Portugal on the 8-9 September 2016.

The Conference Chair is Paulo Silva and the Programme Chairs are Prof.Rui Quaresma and Prof. António Guerreiro.

ECISM provides an opportunity for individuals researching and working in the broad field of information systems management, including IT evaluation to come together to exchange ideas and discuss current research in the field. This has developed into a particularly important forum for the present era, where the modern challenges of managing information and evaluating the effectiveness of related technologies are constantly evolving in the world of Big Data and Cloud Computing. We hope that this year’s conference will provide you with plenty of opportunities to share your expertise with colleagues from around the world.

The keynote speakers for the Conference are Carlos Zorrinho from the Portuguese Delegation and Isabel Ramos from University of Minho, Portugal.

ECISM 2016 received an initial submission of 84 abstracts. After the double-blind peer review process 25 academic papers, 7 PhD research papers, 3 Masters research paper and 5 work in progress papers have been accepted for publication in these Conference Proceedings. These papers represent research from around the world, including Belgium, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Sweden, The Netherlands, UK and Vietnam.