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Leading Issues in e-Government Research Volume 2

Leading Issues in e-Government Research Volume 2


Edited by Shawren Singh and Walter Castelnovo ISBN: 978-1-910810-57-6

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Leading Issues in e-Government Research Volume 2 brings together a
collection of papers looking at the latest ideas in the field.
e-Government is a truly international research field which is ever
expanding to meet the goals and needs of governments and
citizens around the world. The papers in this book represent
research from 15 different countries and illustrate the need for
this important research to continue. Areas such as how the cloud
and social media can be used in an e-government setting and the
issues to be considered when implementing an e-democratic
process are just a few of the topics that are discussed in the

Dr Shawren Singh and Dr Walter Castelnovo have put together
an excellent collection of leading research papers on e-government
innovations that are part of the current digital revolution.
The general reader as well as researchers, teachers and students
concerned with the field of e-Government will find this book