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e-Learning Excellence Awards 2015: An Anthology of Case Histories

e-Learning Excellence Awards 2015: An Anthology of Case Histories


Edited by Dan Remenyi ISBN: 978-1-910810-5-38

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The call for case histories was announced in 2014 and 60 submissions were received, describing on an outline basis what was achieved with these applications of e-Learning. There were 36 interesting examples described in these abstracts which were invited to forward a completed case history. The panel of experts then chose 12 case history finalists who were invited to present their work at the 14th annual European Conference on e-Learning at the University of Hertfordshire at Hatfield in the UK in October, 2015. As can be seen from the Contents page, the topics presented range widely, as was expected when working with a subject like e-Learning. It may also be observed that the entrants come from many different parts of the world. The competition requires the 3 best to be chosen and it is clear that the judges will have a challenging task to select the winners.

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