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<!--120-->Leading Issues in Innovation Research

Leading Issues in Innovation Research


A collection of important Innovation Research papers ISBN:978-1-908272-24-9 Published by Academic Publishing International September 2011

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Edited by Danièle Chauvel

Published by Academic Publishing International

Innovation is one of the main drivers of 21st century business but traditionally it has not been given the amount of attention by academic research which it deserves. Innovation was for many years treated as a subsection of economic theory and was therefore largely dealt with in rather abstract terms. Business and management studies did not closely engage in how innovation can be encouraged and managed and harvested.

However this is changing and more research is being conducted on this topic than ever before. This book is intended to deal with and scrutinize issues such as developing the right innovative capabilities, how to design for strategic innovation, creativity and discovery: moving beyond market equilibrium, to mention only a few of the topics discussed. This book has been compiled by Professor Danièle Chauvel from SKEMA, Sophia Antipolis, France who is an active researcher and teacher in this field.


Edited by Danièle Chauvel

ISBN: 978-1-908272-24-9

216 Pages

Published September 2011

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